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Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, lynk Box, LED COntroller


Razor T5

LED Controller

  • Easy operation
  • Individual daily routines
  • Sunrises and Sunsets
  • Large illuminated display
  • Buttons with pressure point
  • Can also be used as a simple dimmer and switch
  • Control of two lights at the same time
  • battery memory - saved settings



Razor T5

Smart an simple

The perfect solution for those who need basic control of biologically optimized color channels. The GIESEMANN LED-Controller has a large, easy-to-read display and comfortable buttons with a pressure point to control the functions.

The LED-Controller allows you to program your light in a daily schedule. You specify the time and intensity the light will start, the brightness it will have during the day and when it will go into dusk and finally turn off. A great effect is that the lighting changes the color spectrum in the morning hours when dimming up, as well as in the evening when dimming down. In tropical aquariums, the light becomes warmer in reef aquariums more blue, creating the impression of natural sunrises and sunsets.

You can use the LED-controller as a classic on/off switch and use the buttons to change the light intensity at any time. Furthermore, you also have the possibility to set a detailed daily sequence with 8 switching points and different light phases.

How many and what products can I control?

The GIESEMANN LED-controller has a replaceable battery, which allows to keep the settings even during power failure. There is no need to program the individual LED-channels, as the light spectrum of our fixtures are already optimized for your type of aquarium – tropic or marine.

The Giesemann LED controller has connectors for up to two lights with a total power of up to 120 Watt. It is very easy to program in just a few steps and gets simply connected between the existing power supply and your light unit.

The Giesemann LED Controller is suitable for all PULZAR G-3 models and the new MINOX

Razor T5