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Marine &
Tropic Version



Up to 4 HO T5
tubes - 80 Watt each

Up to 4 clusters
- 85 Watt each

Hybrid lighting at an affordable price



Saving without compromise

  • Housing made of alloyed aluminium only 3.5 cm high
  • Integrated Bluetooth control
  • Dimmable T5 / 0-100%
  • Controllable CREE LEDs of the latest generation
  • Up to 310 Watt
  • Polar white or iridium fine structure
  • Daylight and weather simulation
  • Moon phase control
  • Mains failure fuse
  • T5 lamps of your choice included
Plug & Play

Plug & Play

The Bluetooth app for MAC, Windows PC or an Android device makes operating the GEMINI HYBRID child's play.

The integrated Bluetooth module enables direct control without additional devices.

Simply create your own individual day sequences and weather simulations according to the requirements of your aquarium inhabitants.


The hybrid aquarium lighting at a particularly favourable price.

Without having to forego comfort and high-quality materials, the GEMINI offers the optimal entry into hybrid technology. Via the built-in Bluetooth light control, 3 LED channels can be continuously dimmed and programmed and additionally the two T-5 channels - with a total of four T-5 lamps - can be switched on and off at the desired time.

The high-quality aluminium housing with a height of only 4.5 cm ensures optimal cooling of the luminaire. Each light group, such as T-5 and LED, is equipped with performance-enhancing reflectors.

The scope of delivery includes T-5 lamps in the desired colour.

Gemini Sonne

Biologically perfect colour selection

The LED groups offer three separately programmable colour channels, each with up to eight switching points per day. In addition, the two pairs of T5 tubes are switched as desired.

The light distribution of the T-5 lamps is designed in such a way that the T-5 light complements the light of the LED groups.

LED and T-5 - the perfect combination for optimum illumination without shadowing

Each of the individual 50W LED groups offers three separately programmable colour channels with up to eight switching points per day. This allows both a diverse colour combination for marine aquariums and the exact desired intensity between 1 and 100 % per colour channel to be selected.

The LED equipment of the individual boards corresponds to the successful colour composition of the VIVA LED boards, which blends perfectly with the light of the T-5 tubes. All LEDs are equipped with 120° optics and thus conduct the light loss-free and evenly into the aquarium.

CAD-calculated individual reflectors for each T-5 group made of highly polished and especially strong aluminium with a reflection rate of 99% provide an enormous amount of light, up to 150% of the output compared to standard material. Each T-5 lamp pair is also conveniently switched via the integrated electronics and can be adjusted at any time via Bluetooth.

The light distribution of the T-5 lamps is designed in such a way that the T-5 light complements the light of the LED groups and multiplies in the middle area. Due to the different beam angles of the T-5 and LED, a uniform, intensive illumination of the entire aquarium is achieved.


  • Flat design with a height of only 3.5 cm
  • Luminaire housing made of seawater-resistant aluminium
  • High-quality, powder coating in white or iridium
  • Integrated Bluetooth control
  • T-5 lamps switchable in 2 channels, separately controllable
  • 0-100% dimmable and controllable CREE LEDs of the latest generation
  • Mirrored individual reflectors of the LED clusters
  • Passive cooling
  • Multi Point light control
  • Weather simulation and moon phases
  • T5 lamps of choice included

Flexible mounting

Whether on the wall, lying on the aquarium or hanging from the ceiling - the GEMINI made of high-quality aluminium is as flexible as you want it to be.

Various mounting components allow ceiling or wall mounting or the use of the GEMINI HYBRID as a top-mounted luminaire on your aquarium.

Technical details

W x H x L 600 x 420 x 35 mm 900 x 420 x 35 mm
Equipment T5 4 x 24 Watt T5 dim 4 x 39 Watt T5 dim
Equipment LED 2 x à 50 W / je 16 LEDs 3 x à 50 W / je 16 LEDs
Gesamtleistung 196 W 306 W
Colours Polar white & Iridium Polar white & Iridium
Light control Bluetooth, 3 channels LED /  2 channels T-5 tube pairs / Android, Win PC, Mac
Lighting recommendation up to 70 x 60 cm up to 120 x 60 cm
Equipment LED 7 x Blue / 6 x Cool White / 3 x Royal Blue
MSRP 799,00 € 899,00 €

IMPORTANT! Please state the desired T5 colours when ordering!