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Marine &
Tropic Version

Up to
560 Watt

Up to
30,600 lumens

Quality & design with the highest standards

Maximale Lichtlenkung

Maximum light control

By dispensing with highly concentrating lenses, a unique, wide-area illumination is achieved. The entire light is directed into the aquarium without loss. The additional fully mirrored underside of each FUTURA luminaire ensures optimum glare control and directs light reflections on the water surface back into the aquarium - 100% of the light is thus available to your aquarium.

Absolute Effizienz

Absolute efficiency

The lighting concept is as advanced as the luminaire itself. With a power consumption of only 65 watts per panel and carefully selected LEDs, a performance and colour brilliance is therefore achieved that is often hardly attainable even with considerably higher power and significantly more LEDs. Our contribution to energy efficiency and maximum performance are the clever details in every GIESEMAN LED aquarium luminaire.

Even after many years, it is possible for us to repair any Giesemann aquarium lighting. In this way, we keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

Alles unter Kontrolle

Everything under control

Sunrise, thunderstorms, cloud flight and moon phases.

Even in the smallest version of the FUTURA-S, the light spectrum can be adjusted and the light output regulated via ten channels exactly according to your wishes. Inspired by nature: 450 individual switching points per colour and per channel, that's almost 2500 light combinations per day.

Control via Bluetooth app is possible without additional accessories.

* System requirements: Windows PC with Bluetooth interface and installed JAVA software / Apple computer with OS X and Bluetooth interface / Android device (smartphone, tablet), recommended with possible large display.


Welcome to the premium class

Whether as freshwater aquarium LED lighting or LED lighting for marine aquariums, the FUTURA S represents the absolute upper class of aquarium lighting. The upper housing made of black glass, a solid heat sink made of a special aluminium/silicon alloy, in combination with the particularly quiet ball-bearing fans are invisibly integrated in the elegant luminaire housing.

Each FUTURA-S is equipped with an elaborately calculated reflector made of highly polished aluminium in which each individual board is embedded. Together with the loss-free 120° optics of each LED, a significantly improved illumination and energy efficiency is achieved.

Intelligente Farbmischung

Intelligent colour mixing

When selecting LEDs, we focused exclusively on light colours that make sense for an aquarium.

Our decades of experience in the development of T-5 and HQI lamps also benefits our LED systems. Tropical freshwater and marine aquariums have very different lighting requirements, which is why we offer the FUTURA-S in two different spectral versions.

Mounting options

The LED aquarium lighting FUTURA S can be used with our separately available mounting options. You have the choice between the cable mounting system or our universal top mount. Of course, if desired, in the matching colour to your luminaire.



The FUTURA S is available in 2 colours as standard. High-gloss white or iridium grey metallic.

On request, you can choose from a selection of over 190 additional RAL colours for an additional charge. All luminaires are equipped with an electrostatic powder coating in a multi-layer process.

Details & technical data

L x W x H 450 x 290 x 45 mm 650 x 290 x 45 mm 950 x 290 x 45 mm 1250 x 290 x 45 mm 1550 x 290 x 45 mm
Weight 6 kg 7,6 kg 9,1 kg 10,2 kg 16,4 kg
Lighting recommendation area up to 80 x 75 cm 100 x 80 cm 130 x 80 cm 160 x 80 cm 190 x 80 cm
Aquarium height up to 80 cm up to 80 cm up to 80 cm up to 80 cm up to 80 cm
Mounting 2 LED modules 3 LED modules 4 LED modules 5 LED modules 6 LED modules
Lumen 10.200 15.300 20.400 25.500 30.600
Total output
(0 - 100% adjustable)
Light output / power consumption
max. 175 / 130 W max. 260 / 195 W max. 350 / 260 W max. 440 / 330 W max. 530 / 390 W
Colour temperature Version marine:
10,000° - 25,000°K continuously adjustable
  Version tropic:
3,000° - 9,000°K continuously adjustable

Equipment marine

  •   8 x coolwhite B1 white
  •   1 x green (490-560 nm)
  •   1 x red (630- 790 nm)
  •   4 x royal blue (410- 430 nm)
  •   1 x royal violet 390- 400 nm)
  •   1 x blue (465 nm)
  •   4 x blue (430- 480 nm)

Equipment tropic

  •   10 x coolwhite B1 white
  •   2 x green (490-560 nm)
  •   2 x red (630- 790 nm)
  •   2 x royal blue (410- 430 nm)
  •   2 x warm white
  •   1 x blue (465 nm)


Each LED module is equipped with 20 high-power LEDs and provides the optimal biological tuning.

Highlights Futura-S

  • Uniform light distribution without spot effect
  • Temperature management for performance optimisation
  • speed-controlled fan control
  • with additional passive cooling
  • Luminaire cover made of black printed,
  • Hardened special glass
  • Lossless secondary optics deep/wide beam
  • Modules with 20 CREE X-series high-power LEDs each
  • Fully controllable LED colour channels and colour groups
  • Control of all individual modules and channels
  • Integration of any number of luminaires in a network
  • Presetting of fixed light scenarios
  • Individual customer programmes can be saved and duplicated
  • Copy function, Drag & Drop
  • Caching settings
  • Test mode for the daily routine in time lapse
  • Sunrise, sunset etc. per colour and per module
  • Day scenarios with 450 switching points per colour and per module
  • Live colour mixer and expert composition
  • Full weather simulation, clouds, rainy days, thunderstorms
  • Setting time windows for clouds, thunderstorms, moon etc.
  • Real-time colour composition directly visible via BLUETOOTH
  • Real moon cycle, selectable brightness, time and phase
  • Multiple programming and storage of different programmes
  • Transmission of operating values such as temperature and power consumption
  • Network components communicate with each other via BLUETOOTH
  • Internal communication of all boards additionally via ZIGBEE 2.4 GHz
  • Demo mode with quick run-through of all functions
  • User-friendly menu navigation
  • Can be connected to aquarium computer via interface fully updateable
  • Current apps are provided free of charge
  • Individually programmable and dimmable colour channels
  • Setting of all light colours and light mixtures
  • All dimming and control times freely adjustable
  • Control via tablet PC, PC or smartphone*
  • Separate control of several luminaires