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The Power of Reef lighting


Quality is key

  • 180 Watt max.
  • 1.250 PAR
  • Powder coated aluminium housing
  • Polar White or Iridium Grey
  • Bluetooth control integrated
  • Integrated display control
  • Up to 8 luminaires can be combined
  • Weather simulation
  • Up to 864 switching points for the course of the day
  • Polar White or Iridium Grey
  • Passive & active cooling / extremely quiet

Clear message

The lighting concept of this LED aquarium lighting is as advanced as the luminaire itself. With a power consumption of up to 180 watts and carefully selected LEDs, a light output and colour brilliance is achieved that is often hardly attainable even with considerably higher power and significantly more LEDs.

The design speaks for itself and the workmanship is of the highest level.

Optimum light control

By dispensing with highly concentrating lenses, perfect illumination is achieved for areas between 50 - 80 cm in length and 50 - 65 cm in width. The specially designed, highly specular individual reflectors of each LED colour guarantee maximum luminous efficacy and optimum colour mixing of the LEDs. The entire light of the VERVvE is thus directed into the aquarium without loss.

The additional mirrored underside of the reflector surface also ensures optimum glare control and directs light reflections on the water surface back into the aquarium - 100% of the light is thus available to your aquarium.

LED Cluster
  • Primary optics with 120° beam angle
  • Secondary optics with reflectors & 90° light distribution
  • Polished combination reflectors
  • Lossless protective glass pane

Precise electronics cause maximum service life

Design measures keep the LED modules in the uncritical temperature range. Each of our aquarium LED luminaires is equipped with high-performance microcontrollers that permanently monitor the internal operating temperature of the LED in addition to controlling all functions.

Noticeably heavy cooling elements combined with sophisticated, electronically controlled active cooling ensure continuous operation under ideal conditions.
Only in this way can they deliver their high performance over the entire operating time.



VerVvE PLUS communicates easily with up to eight other VerVvE ONE aquarium lights thanks to the integrated Bluetooth control and wirelessly.

Six individually controllable colour channels with up to 864 individual programming points provide realistic daytime sequences with extensive weather simulations. The free software / app is available for Android,iOs & Mac*.

The VerVve Plus and VerVve One can also be controlled via the display.

Biologisches Vollspektrum

Biological full spectrum

for successful marine aquariums.

When selecting the LEDs, we focused exclusively on light colours that make sense for a marine aquarium. The achieved full spectrum of this aquarium LED lighting maximum performance values with almost unlimited adjustment possibilities and thus fulfils all requirements of LED lighting for marine aquariums.



  •   Deep Blue: 8 CREE LEDs XP-E2 480 nm
  •   Blue: 10 CREE LEDs XP-E2 465 nm
  •   Deep Red: 2 XP-E2 625 nm
  •   Cool White: 2 Cree XT-E
  •   UV: 2 Semi LEDs 390-400 nm
  •   Cool White: 12 CREE LEDs XB-D (Quad-LED)
  •   Royal: 20 CREE LEDs XB-D (Quad-LED) 455 nm

Mounting options

The VerVve LED aquarium lighting can be used with our separately available mounting options. You have the choice between the cable mounting system, also in combination with wall brackets, or our universal aquarium mounting brackets. Of course, if desired, in the matching colour to your luminaire.



  • Complete spectrum through 54 optimised CREE LED + 2 UV
  • Six independent channels
  • 864 programmable switching points
  • Specially designed, lossless high-gloss reflectors
  • Splash water protection made of glass
  • Ultra-flat aluminium / magnesium housing
  • Powder-coated in "IRIDIUM GRAY" or "PURE WHITE
  • Temperature management / active and passive cooling
  • Display control VerVve Plus & VerVve One
  • Numerous control options for the course of the day
  • Weather and moon simulation
  • Gateway for further VerVve luminaires
  • VerVe plus Bluetooth control via app (iOS / Android / Mac)
  • Various mounting variants optionally available



Technical details

  VerVve Plus VerVve One
L x W x H 350 x 250 x 35 mm 350 x 250 x 35 mm
PAR 1.250 max 1.250 max
Power 160 / 180 Watt (max.) 160 / 180 Watt (max.)
Recommendation L x W x H aquarium up to approx. 80 x 60 x 80 cm up to approx. 80 x 60 x 80 cm
Voltage / Input 100-120V AC; 200-240 V AC - 50/60 Hz 100-120V AC; 200-240 V AC - 50/60 Hz
Weight approx. 4 kg approx. 4 kg
Control Bluetooth and display / control button Display / control button
Comment VerVve Plus Gateway for up to 99 additional VERVvE ONE slave version