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Marine &
Tropic Version

Up to
150 Watt

Up to
14,600 lumens

The popular system light



VIVA - the premium entry

VIVA offers the ideal introduction to powerful premium LED technology for your aquarium. From sunlight full spectrum for freshwater aquariums to actinic light for marine aquariums.

The VIVA aquarium LED lighting is an all-rounder.

Steuerung ganz ohne Smartphone

Control without a smartphone

Create realistic and natural lighting scenarios in your aquarium. Thanks to the integrated control unit, daylight sequences can be easily programmed without any additional accessories.

Three biologically optimised colour channels are available. Via a comfortable display in combination with our jog, day progressions, moon phase and cloud flight can be set individually very easily. A simulation allows the preview.

Tropic & Marine



VIVA tropic

is equipped with high-quality high-power W-RGB LEDs in different colour shades and, with its full spectrum, provides excellent growing light for all aquarium plants.

It is suitable for generating natural daylight and thus easily penetrates water depths of up to 55 cm.

VIVA marine

is also equipped with light-intensive high-power LEDs, which were specially developed for marine aquariums by accentuating the blue range while simulating the entire light spectrum.

It therefore offers optimal lighting conditions for keeping and growing almost all corals and invertebrates in aquariums up to about 55 cm water depth.

Perfectly tuned

The VIVA LED aquarium lighting is available as tropic version for freshwater aquariums, or as marine version - for saltwater aquariums. Our LED systems also benefit from our more than 30 years of experience.

Every aquarium, whether freshwater or marine, needs a clear white basic light. White light already contains corresponding components of red, yellow, blue and green wavelengths and is, so to speak, a mixture of these colour components. So why should we have used a multitude of useless LED colours if they only occur to a lesser extent in the spectrum under water anyway.

From an optical and above all biological point of view, these spectral components would be switched off in practice anyway or greatly reduced. Therefore, we have concentrated on the essential colour components that are necessary for successful aquaristics. The factory selection of LEDs suitable for aquaristics avoids over-regulation of individual colour channels and thus reduces disturbance of the biological balance. For mixing all basic colours with accentuation as desired, the intensity and colour composition of the three biologically sensible combined LED colour channels can be controlled.

Farbspektrum tropic

Light management in the aquarium

  • Full daylight simulation for sunrises and sunsets
  • Moonlight simulation with moon phases & freely selectable moon times
  • Cloud simulation freely configurable
  • Weather simulation (thunderstorm)
  • Two programmes for preselection of set lighting programmes
  • Data storage of all programmes with power failure protection
  • Three individual LED colour channels with six freely selectable switching points each
  • Programming of the luminaire via selection button with menu guidance in the display
  • Display of all parameters in LC display, graphical user guidance

Mounting options

Whether mounted on the wall, lying on the aquarium or hanging from the ceiling - the VIVA, made of high-quality aluminium, is as flexible as you want it to be. Various mounting components allow ceiling or wall mounting or the use of the VIVA as a top-mounted luminaire on the aquarium.

Equipment marine

  • ⬤    9 x Blue 470- 480 nm
  •   12 x deepblue 460 nm
  •     9 x royalblue 450 nm
  •   18 x Cool White 7000 K

Equipment tropic

  •   15 x coolwhite 6500 K
  • ⬤  12 x neutral white 6000 K
  •    3 x warm white
  •     3 x blue
  •     6 x green
  •     3 x photo red

Highlights VIVA

  • High-quality solid aluminium housing
  • Integrated cooling structure
  • Corrosion-resistant powder coating
  • Colours: irridium metallic or high-gloss white
  • Passive cooling of the LED without fan
  • Electronic temperature management
  • Built-in lighting control with numerous functions
  • Callable light presettings ("presets")
  • Illuminated LC graphic display
  • External power supply unit for safe 24 volt operation of the luminaire
  • Optional mounting options
  • 3 LED clusters with high-power LEDs from market leader CREE
  • Individual high-gloss reflectors per LED pad
  • Parabolic architecture without scattering losses
  • Easy to clean splash water protection
  • Dimension of the luminaire approx. 900 x 250 x 37 mm
  • Biologically sensible LED composition
  • Mounting for optimised luminous efficacy
  • Available as seawater or freshwater variant



Details VIVA LED

  VIVA marine VIVA tropic
L x W x H 900 x 250 x 37 mm 900 x 250 x 37 mm
Equipment 3 LED clusters / max. 150W 3 LED clusters / max. 150W
Lumen max.   ~ 18.000 lm
Lighting recommendation 110 x 55 x 55 cm 110 x 55 x 60 cm
Power (infinitely variable) 0 - 150 Watt 0 - 150 Watt
Voltage / Supply 230 V mains voltage / 24 V operating voltage 230 V mains voltage / 24 V operating voltage