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The new MINOX tropic

  • made in Germany
  • Premium Ceramic LED fittings
  • Diamond Prism for homogeneous, glare-free light distribution
  • 7 LED colours
  • Passive cooling
  • Professional full spectrum mid power LED
  • Controllable with LED controller
  • 3 separate channels individually controllable with lynk Controller



Aquariums perfectly staged

The new MINOX marine is a premium LED light for demanding marine aquariums and impresses with its elegant, ultra-flat design and impressive brightness.

The new MINOX marine is already equipped with a pre-configured full spectrum, optimised for corals. Thanks to its special colour composition of different coloured LEDs, the entire colour spectrum required for corals is addressed.

Despite its very low power consumption, the MINOX marine offers optimum lighting conditions, even for demanding corals, when positioned appropriately.

Unique light distribution

In addition to the extensive colour spectrum, the new MINOX marine offers a unique light system. The integrated Diamond Prism optics have a diamond-shaped prism structure and thus guarantee perfect colour mixing of all colours as well as the highest possible light output. This new light optic achieves uniform, wide-spread and virtually loss-free illumination. At the same time, this optic avoids any glare when looking into the aquarium.

The new MINOX marine is splash-proof and ensures constant brightness with intelligent power management and high-quality LEDs. The sophisticated thermal management ensures a long LED service life. With an enormously high light output of the white LED of more than 220 lumens per watt, the MINOX marine is particularly energy-efficient and absolutely safe thanks to the 24 volt technology.


Design meets performance

  • Unique lighting system with Diamond Prism Optics for highest light yield and perfect colour mixing
  • Optimal illumination of the aquarium due to the almost loss-free Diamond Prism Optics
  • Durable quality: the splash-proof construction protects all electronics
  • Premium aluminium housing for optimal temperature dissipation in silver anodised surface and black or white glass element
  • Constant brightness thanks to state-of-the-art lighting technology and high-quality, efficient power supply unit
  • State-of-the-art coloured LED chips with high energy efficiency and white LEDs with more than 220 lumens/watt
  • Various mounting options as pendant luminaire or for mounting on the aquarium rim
  • Of course made in Germany and with up to four years warranty




Natural light effects & rich colours

The new MINOX marine offers you all the necessary parameters for successful marine aquaristics.

The entire, biologically sensible spectrum for optimum, healthy coral growth is covered. With seven available LED colours, you can also set an enhanced blue and UV spectrum on request.

The high-power LEDs of the best quality have a spectrum that maximises both the colour rendering and the fluorescence of the corals. The use of different blue LED colours enables healthy coral growth, even for demanding SPS and LPS, and the colours are reproduced vividly.

Giesemann Vervve G3 Iridium 2

All you need

With a power consumption of up to 55 watts, fitted with the latest generation of high-performance ceramic LEDs and perfect light distribution, the new MINOX marine is one of the most effective LED aquarium lights in its class. The design speaks for itself and the workmanship epitomises German craftsmanship.


Easy to control

The MINOX LED aquarium lighting already has the optimum light spectrum for the respective application.

For individual adjustment, these can be easily connected to our lynk WIFI control interface via "plug and play" and thus enable the realistic simulation of sunrises and sunsets, a detailed configuration of the colours and numerous weather simulations.

The three individual light groups can be individually controlled in terms of both colour selection and intensity. The new LED controller, which has a large display, can also be used to create your own daily schedules for natural sunrises and sunsets.


Flexible mounting

The MINOX is basically designed as a light for open aquariums. You can easily mount the MINOX with the optionally available mounting arm. The mounting arm is adjustable in height.
With the "extension adapter", you can also optimally illuminate tanks that have a depth of more than 60 cm. A mounting bracket in combination with a cable holder is also available as a further mounting accessory.
Channel LED Reeflight Vervve G3 EN

Sustainability & energy saving

For us at GIESEMANN, sustainability means that our products made in Germany are not only particularly energy-efficient and manufactured exclusively in Germany, but are also designed in such a way that they can be easily repaired at any time.

Our powerful electronics and the use of highly effective LED chips guarantee an optimum cost-benefit ratio. The LEDs are always operated in the optimum power range thanks to the sophisticated control electronics. This saves money and also provides sufficient power reserves.

Daily curves with increasing and decreasing power curves further reduce energy consumption.

LED assembly

  • UV              405- 410 nm
  • ⬤  UV              415 - 420 nm
  • ⬤  Blue           435 - 445 nm
  •   RoyalBlue 450 - 465 nm
  •   Blue           470 - 480 nm
  • ⬤  Cyan          480 - 490 nm
  •   HyperRed 660 - 670 nm
  •   Cold White 6.500 Kelvin
  • Total blue spectrum 77%


LED configuration per segment

  •   ⬤    Channel 1
  •        Channel 2
  •         Channel 3

Technical details MINOX marine

LED Power / energy consumption 55 Watt
Dimensions 225 x 166 mm
LED colors 7
Number of LEDs
Luminous flux 4450 Lumen
LED type Ceramic Midpower
Optics / light distribution Prismatisch
Weight ca. 770 Gramm
PAR value* 940
Illuminated area (L x W x H) 60 x 60 cm x 60 cm
Main voltage 24 V / externes Netzteil