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premium aquariums made in Germany

Quality starts with the material.

The LINEA series is entirely handmade in Germany and, as with all our products, we attach great importance to including raw materials, materials and production partners from the region, for example in the powder coating.

This is done not only out of conviction and trust in German materials, but also out of the intention to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

We use high-quality German aluminium for our LINEA frames, which are finished and coated in a German specialist company. We also use German Ultra-View crystal glass for the glass. We are therefore independent and can react quickly to customer wishes. Our LINEA series are available in a variety of designs as marine aquariums or freshwater aquariums. Thus, our product range extends from the seawater cube tank to the LINEA XL plus series.

LINEA tropic cube


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including SPHERA aluminium aquarium cover & Pulzar G3 LED

Cube aquariums are becoming increasingly popular due to their dimensions. And rightly so, in our opinion. The design and shape can be optimally integrated into almost any living space.

Our LINEA Cube aquariums freshwater offer with their dimensions:
W 60 cm x H 60 x cm x D 55 cm and approx. 300 litres volume capacity the optimal base for an eye-catcher. Our special lines Silver, White and Blackline offer everything you need for the perfect start of a tropical pool.

This handmade aquarium special series comes with a high-quality SPHERA aluminium cover in the frame colour and the new PULZAR G3 LED lamp.

LINEA marine editions


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LINEA complete deal - TESZLA evo LED included

Marine aquaristics without compromise

The LINEA marine aquarium system has been designed to make marine aquarium keeping easier than ever. Whether you are just starting out in reef aquariums or are an experienced aquarist, the LINEA marine range will meet all your expectations of an innovative marine aquarium.


 LINEA Aquarium Komplettset Meerwasseraquarium

Customised aquariums

We not only offer you complete aquarium sets, but also have the possibility to respond to your individual wishes and requirements due to the manual production of each aquarium. Design your aquarium system according to your own ideas and living ambience. Whether it is an individual custom-made product in almost any format or based on our system models.
With our flexibility, we are able to fulfil almost any wish.

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LINEA tropic complete

  • Available in different sizes
  • Whiteline / Blackline / Silverline
  • 85 cm cabinet height
  • Coated aluminium frame
  • Doors & Decors Glass
  • 12 mm Ultra View crystal glass
  • Black aquarium back wall
  • Complete PVC piping
  • SPHERA aquarium cover
  • PULZAR G3 LED luminaire


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LINEA   Premium quality

LINEA – Aquariums of the extra class

The GIESEMANN complete aquarium systems are well thought out down to the last detail. The combinations have a stable aquarium furniture system, a corresponding aquarium with overflow shaft and, if desired, the complete technology for sea water or fresh water up to the lighting of the aquarium.

We have been manufacturing premium aquariums for more than twenty years. With our complete aquariums, we offer everything needed to successfully start a reef or underwater biotope.

Sophisticated design and high-quality materials are the hallmarks of the LINEA furniture programme. There is a choice of different sizes and freely selectable surfaces.

Whether you are planning a saltwater aquarium or a freshwater aquarium, need a customised aquarium or a pool tank for the aquascape hobby. The Giesemann team manufactures aquariums to the highest quality standard according to your wishes.