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Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Control Box


Everything under control

For many years now, our aquarium lights have been controllable with a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Of course, technical development also brings changes over time.

With our new generations of luminaires, we offer our customers the option of integrating them into the home network via Wi-Fi.

Whether it is the well-known Bluetooth App or our current lynk Light Control App, all systems offer the possibility of configuring the day progressions and weather simulations according to your own wishes and requirements.


Control options for the luminaires

Model Control Required Operating systems
PULZAR Bluetooth optional module Win, Android
PULZAR G3 lynk Wi-Fi App / Light Control Box optional module Apple IOS, Android, MAC (M1),
VervVe Bluetooth integrated Android, Apple IOS
VervVe G3 lynk Wi-Fi App integrated Apple IOS, Android, MAC (M1)
VIVA Light Control Panel integrated Control via display
FUTURA Bluetooth integrated Win, Android
GEMINI Bluetooth integrated Win, Android
AURORA V4 Bluetooth integrated Win, Android
AURORA V8 lynk Wi-Fi App integrated Apple IOS, Android, MAC(M1)
MATRIXX II DIMMTEC Bluetooth integrated Win, Android
Stellar Depending on the LED modules / T5 groups installed  via light computer