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Still a popular technology

T5 - a popular technology in the private application area of aquarium lighting as well as for professional lighting solutions.

Due to the excellent price-performance ratio and the constant demand, we continue to offer you lighting concepts with proven Giesemann T5 technology - made in Germany.



Important NOTE

Contrary to some claims in the market, there is no European-ban on T-5 lamps for biological purposes, i.e. in particular for lighting aquariums and terrariums.

Such a European ban is also not planned for the future, so that the use of T-5 lamps for aquariums and terrariums is guaranteed for years.

In many areas, T-5 lamps offer many advantages over pure LED lighting and especially in combination with LED light sources (hybrid systems), coloured T-5 lamps convince with their benefits.

GIESEMANN Powerchrome T-5 lamps are manufactured exclusively in Germany and offer: Excellent colour rendering, light colours and colour combinations that can only be achieved with T-5 technology, a long lifetime and colour stability of over 10,000 hours, low maintenance costs and high light output per Watt. T-5 lighting is still the most cost-effective way to illuminate your aquarium – no matter if it´s a reef tank or a sophisticated freshwater tank.

At Giesemann we stock T-5 lamps in all popular light colours for freshwater and marine aquariums and offer you a selected range of different lighting systems for T-5 lamps, including hybrid systems.


Reflection and perfect light control




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For professional or private use




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