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Hybrid aquarium lighting

The best of two worlds

The best of both worlds

The desire to use the latest LED technology for aquarium lighting does not exclude the use of the light spectra of T5 aquarium lighting, which is optimal for corals, thanks to Giesemann Hybrid Technology.

As pioneers of hybrid aquarium lighting, we offer you an extensive portfolio of hybrid aquarium lighting.

You too can benefit from the advantages of maximum luminous efficacy without shadows.

Developed and 100% manufactured in Germany - we give our guarantee on this and even up to four years on request.


Contrary to some claims in the market, there is no European-ban on T-5 lamps for biological purposes, i.e. in particular for lighting aquariums and terrariums.

Such a European ban is also not planned for the future, so that the use of T-5 lamps for aquariums and terrariums is guaranteed for years.

In many areas, T-5 lamps offer many advantages over pure LED lighting and especially in combination with LED light sources (hybrid systems), coloured T-5 lamps convince with their benefits.

GIESEMANN Powerchrome T-5 lamps are manufactured exclusively in Germany and offer: Excellent colour rendering, light colours and colour combinations that can only be

achieved with T-5 technology, a long lifetime and colour stability of over 10,000 hours, low maintenance costs and high light output per Watt.

T-5 lighting is still the most cost-effective way to illuminate your aquarium – no matter if it´s a reef tank or a sophisticated freshwater tank.

At Giesemann we stock T-5 lamps in all popular light colours for freshwater and marine aquariums and offer you a selected range of different lighting systems for T-5 lamps,
including hybrid systems.

01. Januar 2023.

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