Promotion from 26.01.2024 to 30.03.2024

LED aquarium lighting will certainly shine for many years, but with special LED configurations such as those used in aquariums, the spectra lose intensity, roughly speaking, and after an average period of use of 4-5 years, the lighting for your Reef Tank should be replaced. After an average service life of 4-5 years, the lighting for your saltwater aquarium should be replaced so that your animals continue to have all the spectra they need.
But what exactly do you do with your used saltwater aquarium LED lighting? Private sales are often pointless and used aquarium lights in particular are often almost worthless and don't find a buyer. We simply take your old light in payment when you
buy a VERVVE pro or TESZLAevo. Contact a dealer of your choice or take a look at our shop Shop.


After receiving the TESZLA evo, send us your aquarium light (or another functional LED light with a former price from € 300) and receive the new TESZLA evo marine at a special price of only € 299.00 (UVPE € 439.00) including 2-year guarantee

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After receiving your VERVVE pro, send us your old aquarium light (or any other functional LED light with a former new price from € 400) and receive the new VERVVE pro marine at a special price of only € 399.00 (UVPE € 699.00) including a 2-year guarantee
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Details of the process

If you order the desired promotional light (from a retailer or in our shop), we will send it to you within a few days of receipt of payment. You then have 14 days to send us your old light. You pay the shipping costs for your old lamp.

Of course, you also have a 14-day right of return for your new lamp in accordance with our terms and conditions if you are not satisfied with it. If we have not received your old lamp back after 21 days, we will charge the difference to the original price stated above.


The same applies to third-party products; in addition, we ask for proof of purchase of the original value of the luminaire for unknown or unpopular products. So-called DIY products are excluded from the promotion.

This promotion applies to the 1:1 exchange of your lights, so if you would like to exchange more than just one light, this is also possible. The lights to be exchanged must be sent in complete, i.e. including power supply unit, cable and any WIFI/Bluetooth
passwords and be fully functional, whereby a failure of LEDs or a defective fan, for example, or normal signs of use will of course be accepted. Your returned lights become the property of Giesemann Lichttechnik GmbH for free use.

Please note: We do NOT accept carriage forward shipments. Offsetting against other purchases or orders is not possible, nor is a cash refund on the old device. This promotion is initially valid until 30 March 2024 or while stocks last for this promotion.