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Our products are equipped with the corresponding documentation. However, there is some further information on the Giesemann products, which we make available in file form in the download area. Here you will find operating instructions, software, images and other documents.


Important note!

All Giesemann lights are special lighting and may only be used for aquaristics & terraristics / plant breeding and is not permitted for general lighting. The products are intended for photosynthesis and / or Zooxantelle settlement and may never be used elsewhere.

They are therefore not subject to labeling requirements under the current EU Regulation (EU) 2019/2020 which replaces the following regulations:
(EU)244/2009 - (EU)245/2009 - (EU)1194/2012


Operating manuals

Detailed operating manuals are available for our products, with the help of which assembly and everyday use should be effortless. We take great care with the text and the respective illustrations. Despite all the care and the help of computers, the documentation is still made by people. Therefore, we always welcome your constructive criticism and suggestions!
















Some of our light fixtures have an built-in control. Their settings can be made by Bluetooth directly from your own devices. Find here the apps and software for your computer, smartphone or tablet.