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Marine &
Tropic Version



Up to 4 HO T5
tubes - 80 Watt each

Up to 4 LED clusters -
85 Watt each

Uncompromising light distribution


Aurora Hybrid

Your aquarium in the very best light

  • Alloy aluminium housing
  • Wireless control
  • Dimmable T5 / 0-100%
  • Controllable MC LED Boards / CREE LEDs
  • Up to 640 Watt
  • Multi-point lighting control
  • Complete daylight and weather simulation
  • true lunar phase control
  • Multi-point lighting control
Ein optimales Spektrum

An optimal spectrum combined with a biologically effective light distribution

Uncompromising light distribution without shading

In contrast to many pure LED luminaires, there are no light peaks (so-called hot spots), which often result in far too much irradiation on a small area, and other areas are strongly shadowed. This prevents corals from bleaching - unfortunately a common problem with many aquarium LED luminaires - and ensures uniform, healthy lighting of the entire marine aquarium.

Long series of tests have confirmed that corals kept under AURORA LED/T-5 Hybrid aquarium lighting show significantly healthier growth, as they benefit from the even lighting and thus every part of the coral colony benefits from the entire colour spectrum.

The active cooling system of the AURORA ensures very long colour stability of all light sources as they are always operated in the optimal temperature range.

Aurora Hybrid

Dream Team

Each of the individual LED groups offers three separately programmable colour channels with almost countless switching points per day. This means that every conceivable colour for marine aquariums can be selected, as well as the exact desired intensity between 1 and 100 % per colour channel.

The LED configuration consists of Coolwhite, green, red, royal blue, royal violet, blue and deep blue, which blends perfectly with the light of the T-5 tubes. Alternatively, a blue-heavy configuration can be selected, consisting of white full spectrum, deep blue, royal blue and blue-violet.

All LEDs are equipped with 120° optics and thus guide the light into the aquarium without loss and evenly.

Individual reflectors for each T-5 group made of highly polished and particularly strong aluminium with a reflection rate of 99% provide an enormous amount of light, up to 150% of the output compared to standard material. Each T-5 lamp pair is also conveniently controlled via the integrated electronics and can be adjusted between 1-100% at any time of the day via Giesemann App.

The light distribution of the T-5 lamps is designed in such a way that the T-5 light complements the light of the LED groups and multiplies in the middle area. Due to the different beam angles of the T-5 and LED, a uniform, intensive illumination of the entire aquarium is achieved.

Equipment marine

  •   8 x cool white B1 white
  •   1 x green (490-560 nm)
  •   1 x red (630- 790 nm)
  •   4 x royal blue (410- 430 nm)
  •   1 x royal violet 390- 400 nm)
  •   1 x blue (465 nm)
  •   4 x blue (430- 480 nm)

Equipment tropic

  •   10 x cool white B1 weiß
  •   2 x green (490-560 nm)
  •   2 x red (630- 790 nm)
  •   2 x royal blue (410- 430 nm)
  •   2 x warm white
  •   1 x blue (465 nm)


Each LED module is equipped with 20 high-power LEDs and provides the optimal biological balance.

Flexible mounting

Whether on the wall, lying on the aquarium or hanging from the ceiling - the AURORA, made of high-quality aluminium, is as flexible as you want it to be.

Various mounting components allow ceiling or wall mounting or the use of the AURORA as a top-mounted luminaire on your aquarium.

Technical details

W x H x L 43,7 x 9,9 x 60 cm 43,7 x 9,9 x 90 cm 43,7 x 9,9 x 120 cm 43,7 x 9,9 x 150 cm
Weight 7,6 kg 9,1 kg 10,2 kg 16,4 kg
Equipment T5 4 x 24 Watt T5 dim 4 x 39 Watt T5 dim 4 x 54 Watt T5 dim 4 x 80 Watt T5 dim
Equipment LED 1 x à 85 W / je 20 LEDs 2 x à 85 W / je 20 LEDs 3 x à 85 W / je 20 LEDs 4 x à 85 W / je 20 LEDs
Total output 181 W 326 W 471 W 660 Watt
Colours Polar white & Iridium Polar white & Iridium Polar white & Iridium Polar white & Iridium
Light control  5 channels: Channels 1+2 = T-5 tube pairs, channels 3-5 = Colour channels of LED boards / Android only
Recommendation tank dimensions
(depending on stock)
up to 100 x 85 cm up to 130 x 85 cm up to 160 x 85 cm up to 190 x 85 cm
MSRP 899,00 € 1.199,00 € 1.399,00 € 1.699,00 €

IMPORTANT! Please state the desired T5 colours when ordering!