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Available from
Juli 2022

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Up to
490 Watt (710 Watt)

Up to
614 LEDs (1.118 LEDs)

The most powerfull LED Reef Light

Aurora V12
Aurora V8

The first hybrid that is not a hybrid

  • Up to 490 Watt (710 W with extension modules)
  • Up to 614 high power LEDs (1118 LEDs with extension modules)
  • Outer matrix LED section with diffusers
  • Up to 4 high power LED clusters with single reflectors in the central focus section
  • Erweiterung um bis zu zwei LED Zusatzmodule in der Matrix Sektion
  • Powder coated aluminium housing
  • Polar white or iridium grey
  • Integrated Wi-Fi control
  • Sharing Function
  • Intelligent BUS management
  • Newly designed passive & active cooling
  • Up to 120 cm water height
  • Convex housing / Optimal light control due to the curved shape
  • Available in 90cm (36”) / 120cm (48”) and 150cm (59”) lengths
  • Power supply with only one power-cord (standard version)
Aurora V8

Diffuse illumination or single reflectors?

Why not simply both? The AUROA V12 has two diffuse matrix LED areas in the outer sections and up to 4 LED sections/clusters with highly polished individual reflectors in the center.With this combination, the new AURORA V12 offers the perfect light distribution and colour blend. Let yourself be impressed by the fascinating light effects and at the same time enjoy all the advantages of a homogeneous and even illumination similar to a T5 lighting.Thanks to the unique convex / curved design of the V12, the light spread is much better than with other aquarium LED lights and is reflected over a significantly wider area. Your corals will get the light they need in all places and at all depths.



Aurora V8

Hybrid performance, but full energy-saving

With up to 4 powerful LED clusters, an extraordinary light output is already achieved. These LED clusters with highly polished single reflectors are complemented by two diffuse matrix sections. The curved housing form in combination with both systems of light distribution enables a sensational output of 128.8 degrees.

This allows us to achieve a uniform PAR (μmol/m2s) distribution, which, together with the highest output power of an aquarium LED light, makes the AURORA V12 the most efficient and powerful aquarium light currently available.



Smart Wetter

Everything under control

Thanks to the new smart GIESEMANN lynk - Lightcontrol Wi-Fi app, the Aurora V12 can be controlled directly without any other devices. Use our well-designed presets in Easy Mode or the extensive Professional Mode.

Share your preferred lighting profile with other users via Whatsapp or e-mail. The lynk app is available for download free of charge from the Apple Store and the Google Playstore.

Perfect illumination

VervVe G3 Ausleuchtung

The best light for your corals

In many years of development work, we have tried out numerous LED combinations and had them tested by experienced marine aquarists. The result is an LED blend that convinces in all points. This LED combination covers the entire light spectrum that is useful and usable for corals, from UV to different shades of blue and cyan. In combination with the white light, fascinating light scenarios and very high PPFD (PAR) and 100%PUR values are guanateed.15 different LED colours and 9 free adjustable channels allow an individual combination of all required spectra.









The centre FOCUS SECTION with individual reflectors

The middle section of the AURORA V12 is equipped with powerful LEDs and individual reflectors for each LED, thus ensuring narrow light distribution and the desired flickering effect. To adjust the colour and light intensity, 6 individual controllable LED channels are available.

We have determined an average PAR value of 720 μmol/m2s (PAR) in the focus section. This may vary greatly depending on the measuring device and method, as well as the conditions in the aquarium.

Spektrum - Aurora V8
Aurora V8

The outer MATRIX SECTION with diffusors

The outer MATRIX SECTION with diffusers

The two outer diffuse matrix sections have a spectrum that increase both, colour rendering and coral fluorescence. The use of different blue LEDs, including UV, enables healthy coral growth, even for demanding SPS and LPS. For an SPS coral, the guideline is that maximum absorption is achieved at 200-350 μmol/m2s (PAR).

The diffusion glasses used ensure optimal light mixing of the different light colours. The convex (curved) arrangement ensures maximum homogeneous illumination of all areas. and intensities, 3 separately controllable LED channels are available.

Spektrum - Aurora V8
Aurora V8
Giesemann Vervve G3 Iridium 2

You need more power??

For all those who need even more power, you have the option to add additional LED modules in the matrix sections of your AURORA V12. That way, you can reach up to 710 Watt in the largest version and a total of1.118 high-power LEDs.

If you upgrade additional LED modules, an external power supply unit is required, that can easily be connected with your AURORA V12. A list of the power upgrade of the matrix sections for the different versions can be found in the tables below.

AURORA V12 - three lengths and two colors

Handmade in Germany, we offer the aquarium LED lighting AURORA V12 as standard in three different lengths and in the color variants polar white high gloss and iridium gray. The rope holder is included..

Technical details

  AURORA V12 - 900 / 36" AURORA V12 - 1200 / 48" AURORA V12 - 1500 / 59"  
length x wide x height 90 x 58 x 4,5 cm 120 x 58 x 4,5 cm 150 x 58 x 4,5 cm  
Quantity of LED Cluster 3 2 4  
Quantity of LEDs Focus Section 84 84 112  
Quantity of  LEDs Matrix Section 294 378 504  
Total  LEDs 378 462 614  
Overall performance 350 Watt 400 Watt 490 Watt  
Connectivity WiFi Apple iOs & Android  / WiFi eingebaut - lynk App benötigt
LED Channels 9 9 9  
Cooling Passiv + aktiv Passiv + aktiv Passiv + aktiv  
Light distribution Reflector & Diffusor Reflector & Diffusor Reflector& Diffusor  
Illumination min. 90 x 55 cm 120 x 55 cm 150 x 55 cm  
Illumination max. 120 x 80 cm 160 x 80 cm 200 x 80 cm  
Water level Bis zu 110 cm Bis zu 120 cm Bis zu 120 cm  
Weight 8,4 kg 9,8 kg 15,3 kg  
Minimum distance from the water 30 cm 30 cm 30 cm  
Energy consumption  (max.)


400kWh/1000h 490Wh/1000h  
Environmental temperature 10-30° C 10-30° C 10-30° C  
Type of protection     I  I
Line Voltage 230 V 230 V 230 V  


LED placement Focus Section

  AURORA V12 - 900 AURORA V12 - 1200 AURORA V12 - 1500  
Quantity of LED Cluster 3 3 4  
Quantity of  LEDs 84 84 112  
Total LED power 285 W 285 W 380 W  
Total Kelvin  6.000 - 25.000 K 6.000 - 25.000 K 6.000 - 25.000 K  
LED Colors 9 9 9  
UV | 400 nm 3 3 4  
UV | 410 nm 6 6 8  
Violett | 420 nm 6 6 8  
Royalblue | 440 - 450 nm 21 21 28  
Blue | 455 - 465 nm 12 12 16  
Blue | 465 - 480 nm 6 6 8  
Cyan | 490 - 500 nm 6 6 8  
White | 3.500 K 3 3 4  
White | 6.500 K 21 21 28  


LED placement Matrix Section

  AURORA V12 - 900 AURORA V12 - 1200 AURORA V12 - 1500  
Quantity of Matrik Sections 2 2 2  
Quantity of LEDs 294 378 504  
Total LED Power 285 W 285 380 W  
Kelvin 9.500 - 25.000 K 9.500 - 25.000 K 9.500 - 25.000 K  
LED Colors 6 6 6  
Lumes 3.120 4.450 5.330  
the PAR value of each Matrix Section 420 420 430  
UV I 400 nm -410 nm 28 40 48  
Royalblue | 440 - 450 nm 70 100 120  
Blue | 465 - 480 nm 70 100 120  
Hyperred I 650-660 nm 14 20 24  
Cyan | 490 - 500 nm 14 20 24  
Cold white | 6.500 K 98 40 168  


LED Expansions Matrix Section

  AURORA V12 - 900 AURORA V12 - 1200 AURORA V12 - 1500  
Number of LED add-on modules max. 2 max. 2 max.2  
Number of LEDs additional 294 420 504  
Power LED additional 140 Watt 190 Watt 3210 Watt  


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Download Download: Instruction  lynk lightcontrol App
All technical data, unless otherwise stated, are in metric dimensions. Technical changes, also without prior announcements, possible at any time. The specified performance data are maximum values with all channels operating in overboost mode (120%) The following applies to all information and data: Subject to change without notice. Illustrations similar.