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Marine &
Tropic Version

Up to
110 Watt

Up to
14,600 lumens

The new benchmark


Pulzar G3

Best in class, far above average

The proven and powerful LED light module now in its 3rd generation with many innovations in detail.

Waterproof, available in numerous lengths and with the highest light output in its class, the new PULZAR G-3 sets new standards. Especially in aquariums where several light bars often have to be installed to provide sufficient light, a single PULZAR G-3 module is usually sufficient. This saves costs and creates additional space above the aquarium.

Highlights PULZAR G3

  • Luminaire body made of seawater-resistant aluminium
  • Brushed anthracite anodised surface
  • Passive cooling through appropriately calculated luminaire design
  • Waterproof to IP68 with integrated silicone seals
  • Biologically optimally coordinated colour spectra
  • Diffuser glass for homogeneous, glare-free light distribution / Tropic version
  • Diamon prism optics / marine version
  • External 24 volt power supply unit with overvoltage protection
  • White LED up to 220 lumens per watt
  • End caps made of glass-fibre reinforced ABS with guide grooves
  • Use of professional full spectrum mid power LED
  • Tropic version with W RGB LED
  • Tropic version with long-term tested, optimal plant spectrum
  • Marine version with special LED in the UV and violet range
  • slim housing with dimensions width*height = 55x23 mm
  • Waterproof cable gland with bend protection
  • Suitable for installation in covers
  • 4-pole quick disconnect coupling
  • Cable length luminaire 150 cm, cable length power supply 100 cm
  • Guide rail for mounting brackets and holders
  • Fully insertable into the SPHERA luminaire profile
  • Optionally various mounting options
  • 3 separate channels individually controllable (lynk Control)
  • LED controller, custom daily schedules for natural sunrises and sunsets can also be created.
PULZAR G3 - Der neue Maßstab

PULZAR G3 - The new benchmark

The newly developed aluminium housing in elegant anthracite anodised with a finely brushed surface. Each light module is anodised individually so that all cut edges are protected against corrosion. The entire luminaire body serves as a cooling element for optimum temperature control of the now even more powerful LED.

Pulzar G3

Two variants - tropic & marine

Each version of this LED aquarium lighting already contains the perfectly tuned biological light spectrum. Optimised for all requirements.

Each PULZAR G3 aquarium LED luminaire is equipped with the most powerful LEDs currently available on the market. For example, the white LEDs s generate 220 lumens per watt.

PULZAR G3 marine Unique and impressive light distribution

In addition to the extensive color spectrum, the new PULZAR G-3 marine offers a unique light reflection geometry. Our Diamond Prism optics have a diamond-shaped prism structure and thus guarantee perfect color mixing of all LED colours as well as the highest possible light output. This new light optic achieves an even and wide spread illumination with almost no loss.

The new PULZAR G-3 marine is absolutely waterproof and ensures constant brightness with intelligent current management and high-quality LEDs. The sophisticated thermal management ensures a long lifespan of the LED. With its very high light output of more than 80 watts per meter, there is always enough power for your reef tank.

Farbspektrum tropic

PULZAR G3 tropic

The unique W RGB - LED configuration of the tropic version has been tested in numerous practical tests and continuously improved. The result is a light spectrum composed of different LED colours that ensures optimal plant growth and successfully prevents the formation of algae. The very high light output also guarantees the sustainable growth of very light-sensitive ground covers and makes the PULZAR G3 tropic the ideal light source for all aquascaping aquariums.

Farbspektrum marine

PULZAR G3 marine

The new PULZAR G-3 marine of the latest generation is already equipped with a pre-configured LED color mixing, optimally blended for all reef aquariums. Due to its special color composition, the blue range from 400- 480nm is completely covered and supplemented with the additional colors coolwhite, cyan and red.

LED Beleuchtung Aquarium Süßwasser Giesemann Pulzar G3
LED Beleuchtung Aquarium Meerwasser Giesemann Pulzar G3
LED Beleuchtung Aquarium Süßwasser Giesemann Pulzar G3 Aquariumbeleuchtung

Mounting options

The PULZAR G3 LED aquarium light can still be used like the previous models with our mounting options. You have the choice between the optionally available cable holding systems, the attachment holders or the popular mounting slides for fastening in an aquarium cover.


Conveniently controllable

Each PULZAR G-3 already has the optimum light spectrum for the respective application.

For individual customisation, these can be connected to our newly developed Light-Control Interfaces simply by "plug and play" and thus enable the realistic simulation of sunrises and sunsets as well as numerous weather simulations.

The three individual light groups can be controlled individually in terms of both colour selection and intensity.

The new PULZAR G-3 marine has the perfect color mix for all marine aquariums and works with a pre-configured lighting scenario. However, in addition with the Lynk Control WIFI controller or the new Light-controller, custom daily schedules for natural sunrises and sunsets can also be created.

Details PULZAR G3 tropic

L x W x H Power Lumen PAR KELVIN
155 x 23 x 55 mm 12W 1219 520 6700
295 x 23 x 55 mm 20W 2430 550 6700
495 x 23 x 55 mm 36W 4800 570 6700
695 x 23 x 55 mm 46W 6100 580 6700
895 x 23 x 55 mm 65W 8500 550 6700
1095 x 23 x 55 mm 78W 9720 550 6700
1195 x 23 x 55 mm 90W 12100 560 6700
1495 x 23 x 55 mm 110W 14600 560 6700

Details PULZAR G3 marine

L x W x H Power Lumen PAR KELVIN
155 x 23 x 55 mm 10W 445 400 9,500 - 25,000
295 x 23 x 55 mm 20W 890 530 9,500 - 25,000
495 x 23 x 55 mm 40W 1775 660 9,500 - 25,000
695 x 23 x 55 mm 50W 2220 690 9,500 - 25,000
895 x 23 x 55 mm 70W 3120 730 9,500 - 25,000
1095 x 23 x 55 mm 85W 3560 870 9,500 - 25,000
1195 x 23 x 55 mm 95W 4450 900 9,500 - 25,000
1495 x 23 x 55 mm 110W 5330 970 9,500 - 25,000


Details LED placement PULZAR G3 marine

length x wide x height 155 mm 295 mm 495 mm  695 mm 895 mm 1095 mm 1195 mm 1495 mm
Quantity of LED segments 1 2 4  5 7 9 10 12
Quantity of LEDs 21 42 84  105 147 189 210 252
Quantity of LED Channels 3 3 3  3 3 3 3 3




LED placement marine

  •     UV             405- 410 nm
  • ⬤    UV             415 - 420 nm
  • ⬤    Deep Blue 435 - 445 nm
  •     Royal Blue 450 - 465 nm
  •     Blue           470 - 480 nm
  • ⬤    Cyan          480 - 490 nm
  •     Hyper Red 660 - 670 nm
  •     Cold White 6.500 Kelvin
  • Blue component total spectrum 77%


LED Configuration per segment

  •   ⬤    Channel 1
  •        Channel 2
  •         Channel 3