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VervVe G3 Giesemann Farben

Quality is the key to success

    • 160 Watt max.
    • 1240 PAR
    • 6 LED Channels
    • 9 LED Colors
    • high efficient single reflectors
    • Powder-coated aluminium body
    • pure white or iridium grey
    • Smart control, wireless via IOS & Android
    • Up to 50 VERVVE can be combined
    • Passive & active cooling / super quiet (UltraNoiseCancelling)
    • Handmade in Germany
    • repairable even after many years
Giesemann Vervve G3 Iridium 2

The perfect reef light

With a power consumption of up to 160 watts, state-of-the-art high-power LEDs and uniform, homogeneous illumination, it is one of the most effective lights in aquaristics. The use of a diffuser in combination with optimal PAR & PUR values makes the VERVVE pro (G4) the perfect reef lighting.

The design speaks for itself and the workmanship is of the highest level.

Perfect illumination and light control

The use of highly polished individual reflectors in conjunction with Diamond Prism light control directs the light exactly where you need it. No glare effect and homogeneous light distribution without sacrificing the popular shimmering effect. The outstanding photosynthetically active photon flux density (PPFD) guarantees optimum PAR & PUR values.

The specially designed, high-gloss individual reflectors for each individual LED guarantee maximum light output and optimum colour blending of the LEDs. This means that all the entire light from the VERVVE pro is directed into the aquarium without loss.

The additional mirrored bottom of the reflector surface also ensures optimum glare control and directs light reflections on the water surface back into the aquarium - 100% of the light is therefore available to your aquarium.

Pulzar G3

Whats´s new?

We continue to rely on our successful concept, but a closer look reveals many changes in detail. New cooling technology, new electronics (BUS system and main boards), more efficient and compact power supply units, optimized light distribution, improved control hardware and software.

LED Cluster


Like all our lights, the VERVVE pro is manufactured in Germany from high-quality aluminium in a seawater-resistant alloy.

Thanks to the special surface treatment with additional powder coating, the material is absolutely resistant to saltwater.

    Pulzar G3

    The perfect match

    We continue to rely on our popular, high- polished individual reflectors to achieve optimal light performance. In addition, the Diamond prism lens shape the light’s output and improve its efficiency. The diamond-shaped structure of these shields enables both an extremely homogeneous light output and its lens geometry blend the light from the LED so that color separation is further reduced

    Compared to many spot light-sources with lenses, this combination offers major advantages. Particularly in aquariums where several lights are used, the aquarium is illuminated evenly and without shadows. This saves costs in terms of purchase and energy consumption.


    VervVe G3 Ausleuchtung

    80 cm length | 70 cm width | 80 cm depth

    The best light for your corals

    In many years of development, in cooperation with many coral breeders and marine water biologists, we have tried out numerous LED combinations and had them tested by experienced marine aquarists. The result is an LED blend that is convincing in every respect. This LED combination covers the entire light spectrum that is useful and utilizable for corals, from UV to various blue and cyan tones.

    In combination with the crispy white light, fascinating light scenarios and very high PPFD (PAR) and PUR values are guaranteed. 9 different LED colours and 6 fully adjustable channels allow an individual combination of all required spectrums.









    Pulzar G3

    Always the maximum

    The VERVVE pro delivers a perfect spectrum for maximum fluorescence and healthy growth.
    In addition to the intense blue spectrum, the VERVVE pro has a whole range of important and individually adjustable colour channels that can be accessed via the new LYNK PRO app. The premium UV LEDs also emit real UVA light for maximum coral colouration.
    Channel LED Reeflight Vervve G3 EN

    From experience and passion

    We don't just limit ourselves to only one blue and one white channel, because the LED configuration of the new VERVVE pro LED aquarium light includes 6 channels.This configuration offers the highest performance and guarantees the perfect lighting for marine aquariums.

    Pulzar G3

    Impressive illumination and flexibility

    The Vervve pro offers a balanced and carefully tuned light spectrum. The light beam angle is with 120 degrees ideal for any kind of aquarium. Balanced light distribution and a perfect colour blend, but not simply diffuse. Vervve pro can be used both lengthways and crossways, making the recommended lighting area of 80x70 cm (31” x 27”) ideal for larger aquariums too.


    LED fitting

      VervVe G4 iridium VervVe G4 pure white  
    Numbers of LED Cluster 2 2  
    Numbers of LEDs 56 56  
    Power LED total 160 W 160 W  
    Spectrum LED total 3.500 - 25.000 K 3.500 - 25.000 K  
    UV | 400 nm 2 2  
    UV | 410 nm 4 4  
    Purple | 420 nm 4 4  
    Royal blue | 440 - 450 nm 14 14  
    Blue | 455 - 465 nm 8 8  
    Blue | 465 - 480 nm 4 4  
    Cyan | 490 - 500 nm 4 4  
    White| 6.500 K 12 12  
    White | 8.500 K 4 4  


    Mounting options

    The VERVVE pro LED light can be used with our available mounting options. You have the choice between the suspension kit, also in combination with our wall brackets, or the Vervve our aquarium mounting arm. Of course, if desired, in the matching colour of your fixture.


    Whisper-quiet, our new fan technology offers a much higher level of noise reduction than is usual with other aquarium LED lighting.

    This is made possible by the clever design of the fixtures body in combination with an innovative electronic temperature control system.

    The temperature of the individual components is permanently monitored by several sensors and the fan speed is regulated according to the cooling requirement.

    Even at peak performance, the electronics are cooled and protected as quietly as a whisper.



    Channel LED Reeflight Vervve G3 EN


    Our powerful electronics and the use of highly effective LED chips guarantee an optimum cost-benefit ratio. The LEDs are always operated in the optimum power range thanks to the sophisticated control electronics. This means that the new Vervve pro does not have to be operated at the maximum available power in most aquariums.

    Daytime simulations with increasing and decreasing light scenarios further reduce energy consumption. The convenient control with the lynk pro app allows any desired colour channel to be operated with up to 120% light output.

    Each Vervve pro is supplied with a particularly energy-saving power supply unit with 24 volt safety voltage, which also significantly reduces energy costs.

    For us at GIESEMANN, sustainability and protection of the environment means that our products made in Germany are not only particularly energy-efficient, but are also designed in such a way that they can be easily repaired at any time and do not have to be thrown away.



    • Complete spectrum through 56 high-end LEDs
    • Six independent channels
    • highly effective single reflectors for homogeneous illumination
    • Splash water protection
    • Ultra-flat aluminium / magnesium housing 3.5 cm
    • Powder-coated in "IRIDIUM GRAY" or "PURE WHITE
    • Temperature management / active and passive cooling
    • Smart control, wireless via IOS & Android
    • Perfect PAR, PUR & CCFD values
    • Various mounting options optionally available
    • Made in Germany
    • Repair possible even after many years



    Technical Details

      VerVve G3  
    L x W x H 350 x 250 x 35 mm  
    PAR 1240 max  
    Power 180 / 180 Watt (max.)  
    recommendation L x B x H Aquarium up to. 80 x 70 x 80 cm  
    Current voltage / Input 100-120V AC; 200-240 V AC - 50/60 Hz  
    Weight ca. 2,4 kg  
    Control Smart control, wireless via IOS & Android  
    LED Channels 6
    LED Colors 10
    LED  Cluster 56 / 2
    Distance water 15 cm mind.
    Noise max. 0>30 db
    Light output Singel Refelctors & Diamond Prism
    Ambient temperature 10 - 30
    Protection class IP 32
    Mains voltage 100 - 240 Volt
    Energy efficiency class* A
    Energy consumption 170 kWh / 1.000h



    Download Download: Quickstart VERVVE pro
    The VERVVE pro listed above is a modular light-system that has already been assembled for you at Giesemann according to your requirements and the specification above. This complete light system contains the following components (each item optionally also available for self-assembly): Light body VERVVE pro, powdercoated and with DC cord and protective lens, Lynk light module or Lynk pro light module, in the desired tropic or marine configuration, 24 V power supply unit.