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Uncompromising light quality

Up to 640 Watt
system performance

Up to 8 HO T5 tubes -
80 Watt each



Marine &
Tropic Version


Matrixx II

More than simply T5

  • Only 4.5 cm high
  • Housing made of alloyed aluminium only 4.5 cm high
  • T5 fluorescent tubes of your choice included
  • All lamps DIMMABLE*
  • DIMMTEC variant / Wireless control
  • Black glass panel top of housing
  • 5 different lengths (65, 95, 125, 155 cm)
  • active & passive Temperature management
  • 2021 newly designed polished individual reflectors for optimum light output
Matrixx II

Uncompromising light quality

The housing, which is only 4.5 cm thick, is made of high-quality, powder-coated aluminium alloy.

The electronics are thermally separated from the main lighting and the maximum possible reflector surface guarantees absolute area illumination.

All the light is directed into the aquarium without loss and is thus 100% available to your aquarium.

Matrixx 2

  • Newly designed reflectors for even more light output
  • Only 4.5 cm flat and thus the flattest T5 luminaire on the market
  • Powder coated aluminium
  • No visible screw connections on the visible side of the enclosure
  • Light weight
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Optionally in iridium or polar white
Matrixx II
Lüfter der Matrixx II

The flat profile with design elements made of black lacquered glass sets new visual standards in the T5 class.

A compact, high-quality and modern design that can only be found in the Giesemann MATRIX II.

The MATRIXX II has a cleverly designed interior. Ball-bearing, particularly quiet fans support the standard passive cooling of the massive enclosure frame.

Matrixx II

This ensures the optimum operating temperature and highest light output for all T-5 lamps. At the same time, the high efficiency guarantees extremely low heat radiation to the aquarium.



The MATRIXX II Dimmtec can be conveniently configured from a Windows PC thanks to built-in App control.

The T5 lamps can be dimmed in groups (combination of 2) from 0-100%. Weather simulation is also possible.

In this way, the day sequences can be individually programmed according to the needs of the aquarium.



As standard, your MATRIXX II luminaire is equipped with the powerful POWERCHROME T-5 lamps in the desired colour combination as well as with fully electronic ballasts that ensure gentle lamp starting with long tube life and complete freedom from flickering.


Flexible mounting

Whether on the wall, lying on the aquarium or hanging from the ceiling - the MATRIX II, made of high-quality aluminium, is as flexible as you want it to be.

Various mounting components allow ceiling or wall mounting or the use of the MATRIX II as a top-mounted luminaire on your aquarium.

Technical details

Dimensions (mm) Equipment Illuminated area Weight Total output
650 x 260 x 45 4 x 24 Watt** 60-80 x 50-60 cm 4,5 kg 98 Watt
950 x 260 x 45 4 x 39 Watt 95-110 x 50-60 cm 5,6 kg 159 Watt
950 x 435 x 45 6 x 39 Watt 95-110 x 60-70 cm 9,3 kg 238 Watt
950 x 435 x 45 8 x 39 Watt** 95-110 x 60-90 cm 9,6 kg 318 Watt
1250 x 260 x 45 4 x 54 Watt 120-150 x 50-60 cm 7,5 kg 221 Watt
1250 x 435 x 45 6 x 54 Watt 120-150 x 60-70 cm 11,8 kg 329 Watt
1250 x 435 x 45 8 x 54 Watt 120-150 x 60-90 cm 12,0 kg 442 Watt
1550 x 260 x 45 4 x 80 Watt 150-180 x 50-60 cm 8,9 kg 326 Watt
1550 x 435 x 45 6 x 80 Watt 150-180 x 60-70 cm 14,2 kg 486 Watt
1550 x 435 x 45 8 x 80 Watt 150-180 x 60-90 cm 14,6 kg 640 Watt
1550 x 435 x 45 8 x 80 Watt 150-180 x 60-90 cm 14,6 kg 640 Watt
Control system: MATRIXX DIMTEC Fully independent control of up to 4 colour channels
(Tube pairs depending on luminaire configuration) Programming via
Windows computer , Mac, Android

** This version is not available as MATRIXX DIMTEC.


! GIESEMANN luminaires are suitable for use with T-5 fluorescent tubes. The use of LED tubes of a similar design is not recommended for technical reasons, as this will also invalidate any warranty claims.