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lynk PRO

9 Colors - 6 Channels
95 Watt

The best reef light in its class


Performance can look so smart

  • 90 Watt max.
  • 1160 PAR
  • 9 LED colors
  • 6 LED channels
  • 2 lbs weight
  • Slim Design
  • Available in black or silver aluminium
  • Aluminium housing - salt water resistant
  • UltraNoiseCancelling cooler
  • mande in Germany
  • Spare parts are available even after many years
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Smart Reef Lighting

With the TEZSLA evo, we put all our expertise and premium technology made in Germany into the smallest of spaces. With its elegant mix of materials and its dimensions (22 x 16 x 3 cm), the TESZLA evo is not only visually one of the smartest aquarium lights, but also thanks to its clever lynk pro Bluetooth control and unique light distribution.

It is controlled using the free new "lynk pro" Bluetooth app, which enables a wide range of setting options for the day sequences and the grouping of several lights.


New benchmarks in the class

Thanks to the 6 LED channels and 9 LED colours of the latest premium LED high performance class, experience strong and rich colours, a pronounced fluorescence and an impressive mix between actinic and crisp light. But always with the necessary naturalness to give your corals healthy growth.Thanks to the combination of efficient, highly polished individual reflectors and clear, prism-directed light distribution, the TESZLA evo sets a new benchmark in its class with a beam pattern of 106 degrees.

The new TESZLA evo is not only a stylish and efficient solution for nano, shallow and cube aquariums, but is also ideal for larger aquarium systems.


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The perfect illumination

The illumination of the TESZLA evo is unrivalled. We use highly polished individual reflectors in combination with Diamond Prism light distribution. Illuminating an area of 70 x 70 x 60 cm homogeneously is no problem for the Teszla.Homogeneous illumination is achieved without loss and yet you don't have to do without the sun-curl effect.




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Quality begins with the material

We only use premium materials. Not only do we use German aluminium for the housing, but we also rely on the premium class when choosing our LEDs. The high power LEDs of the best quality have a spectrum that maximises both the colour rendering and the fluorescence of the corals.The TESZLA evo offers the best equipment and performance in this price range. A variety of different blue tones makes it very easy to create the perfect customised lighting scenario for your aquarium. The various UV and violet LEDs also provide the best basis for unrivalled lighting



Aurora V8

Smart and Simpel - the new lynkl pro App

Everything that has changed is everything! The Reeftank LED aquarium lighting TESZLA evo already has an integrated Bluetooth control module.

This makes it very easy to control via your smartphone. The new lynk pro app is available free of charge for Android and IOS devices. Simply connect your light in seconds via Bluetooth. If required, create several areas / aquariums and control your lights in groups.


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Flexible Mounting

We offer two options for mounting the Teszla evo. You can use the height-adjustable aquarium mounting bracket or, alternatively, the infinitely height-adjustable hanging system. An extension for the mounting arm is also available so that the light can also be optimally positioned for wider aquariums.

Details and technical data


LED power / energy consumption 90 Watt
Dimension 227 x 166 x 35 mm
LED Colors 9
Number of LEDs
28 High Power LEDs
PAR value* 1160
Spectrum 6.000 > 25.000 K
LED Cluster 1
LED type Ceramic High Power
Optic / Light distribution Prismatic & single reflectors
Weight ca. 950 Gramm / 2 lbs
Illuminated area 70 x 70 x 60 cm
Mains voltage 24 V / External power supply
Max. energy consumption 95 kw/H - 1.000 Hours
Protection class IP 54
Colors Black & Silver
Minimum distance to water surface 10 cm / 4"
Loudness 0- 30dB max.**
Energy efficiency class A+***
Cooling passiv & Activ- Ultra Noise Cancelling


Download Download: lynk PRO App   Available on the App Store   Android App on Google Play


Download Download: Quickstart TEZSLA evo


Unless otherwise stated, all technical data are in metric dimensions. Technical changes are possible at any time, even without prior notice. The specified performance data are maximum values when all channels are operated in overboost mode (120%) All information and data are subject to change and errors excepted. Illustrations similar.

* PAR value

The PAR measurement is used to measure the photosynthetically active radiation of plants in the visible light range (380 > 780 nm). The final effective PAR value above your aquarium depends on many factors. These include not only the water movement, but also the density of the water.
The PAR values given in the software only allow conclusions to be drawn about the approximate PAR values in the aquarium, i.e. the PAR value says nothing about the quality of a light and whether the maximum PAR value determined can be used at all for corals. SPS corals serve as an example here - which have a maximum absorption of 200-350 PAR on average.# Usable spectrum
In order to assess the "quality" of an aquarium light, the individual spectra, the photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) and the PAR value must be considered cumulatively.
We reserve the right to make technical specifications or changes.

** Fan noise at max. running performance over duration

***Special lighting for aquariums: the specification of the efficiency class is not mandatory